Реджис Трембли: Я искал правду о России и Украине и нашел ее, когда приехал в Крым (англ. версия) - 28.11.2023 Украина.ру
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Реджис Трембли: Я искал правду о России и Украине и нашел ее, когда приехал в Крым (англ. версия)

© vk.com / Regis TremblayРеджис Трембли интервью
Реджис Трембли интервью - РИА Новости, 1920, 30.03.2023
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Regis Tremblаy, an American documentary filmmaker who seeks the truth about Russia, told Ukraine.ru in an interview about what his compatriots know about the special operation in Ukraine and the status of Crimea.
The U.S. worries about losing its strategic position in the Black Sea, so it sends its drones to the region to collect intelligence data. This was announced by the head of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, RIA Novosti reported on March 27.
— Is the U.S. State Department supported Ukraine's strikes on military facilities in Crimea. How do Americans feel about it? And what do local citizens in Crimea think about it?
— I think people here in Crimea are well aware. Of the intentions of the United States and Kiev personally, I think and a lot of other people think including in the United States people that I know and they're friends of mine, they believe that this is just another provocation of Russia because they know very well that the President Putin and the Foreign Minister Lavrov have said repeatedly that if the Russian Federation is attacked, Russia will respond with all means necessary.
So I don't think it's a real possibility even with the help from the United States can really do much damage and certainly cannot retake Crimea, because I think when we look at the historical context, Crimea historically has been part of the of Russia since Catherine the Great, and many people now are more aware that during the Soviet era Nikita Khrushchev did the administration of Crimea to Kiev at that time it was the Soviet Union, was no, no big difference. But now, many years later, Crimea has declared their independence and with the referendum return to Russia, the United States, the United States just cannot tolerate this.
Акции протеста в Нью-Йорке - РИА Новости, 1920, 29.03.2023
Акции протеста в Нью-Йорке
— Do Americans see the difference between Russia and Ukraine?
—Excuse me, most Americans probably can't find Ukraine on a map and I'm being very serious about that. I think Americans only know what the government tells them and its lies because in the United States the mainstream media is completely controlled by the government. It is a propaganda. And so all America knows is that Russia illegally, unprovoked, invaded Ukraine. And Americans are aware that this war is going on and that Putin is evil and that Kiev is with this is what they're being told.
I don't think many Americans realize that the government has spent over $ 100 billion and it keeps going up on weapons and aid to Ukraine. Most Americans have no idea about that. I don't think they realize how involved their government is. It's not only weapons and money to Ukraine, but the United States has been sending special forces trainers to Kiev and Lavrov area to train Ukrainian troops. Some of them probably arе American soldiers.
You say if America not tolerant to a referendum in Crimea. Tell us more about that.
— Well, of course, the United States did not accept the results of the referendum, and from the moment it happened, the United States has been consistently saying that it was not about out of free and democratic referendum election, but that Putin invaded, militarily invaded the Crimea. And this is just another one of the lies, and they are lies that the United States makes about anything.
So I think most people in the United States that I know and know of believe that propaganda. Putin militarily took it back. So the only thing I can say is I live in Crimea now and you alter as you know that.
I have interviewed many people here in Crimea. In the Yalta, Sevastopol and other places. And I always ask the question, was the referendum free? Was it, was it at all controlled by Putin? What was Crimea annexed? I have never met anyone who said that it was not fair, honest and democratic. And I have been talking in my work, my film work, to share those interviews and share this knowledge with as many people as I can in the United States because the truth must be found.
— Are the events in Ukraine reflected in your work?
— I don't write too many articles on the subject, but I do video podcasts five or six days a week, with guests from Russia and around the world. And most of them, most of them, are about Ukraine. I've had experts from Russia and from the United States, military experts. They've been on my show several times, telling Americans the truth about what's really going on in Ukraine. And the truth is that Ukraine is suffering serious defeats. Some of these guests of mine are very influential and very popular in the United States. They are influential in telling the American people what is really going on in Ukraine. I'm just trying to do my small part.
— What about documentaries? Maybe you have artistic plans in this direction?
— I've made three that reveal the whole truth about America's role. Throughout its history in the world and in itself, it has not been about spreading freedom and democracy. It was killing and stealing resources, first in the United States hundreds of years ago, and it has continued around the world.
My focus now is on Russia and Crimea and trying to get the truth out about Russia. And that Russia is not the enemy, Russia is not the aggressor. And more and more people are coming to that. And so I've been completely focused on that since I came here in 2016 and since I've been living in Yalta since March 2020. I feel like it's the best thing I can do. I don't know if there are many other Americans who live in Yalta. I don't know if there are many other Americans who live in Crimea or even Russia. There are a few, but definitely not in Crimea, so I'm trying to share what I've seen with my own eyes.
Скотт Риттер интервью - РИА Новости, 1920, 24.03.2023
Скотт Риттер о том, что было и что будет: Зеленский— неудачник, читает речи, написанные разведчиками США
— In your article you laid out in chronological order the provocations of the United States in provocations in the world. What will America do now, given that it is losing its role as world hegemon?
— Yes, I wrote this article because the United States has consistently said that Russia's intervention in Ukraine was unprovoked. And so I listed in some chronological order how the United States provoked Russia. I didn't talk about other countries, but they do the same thing around the world. And I wanted to prove to the American people, and you can share this with your readers, that the United States was the aggressor and provoked this, Russia's response in Ukraine.
Now, as far as the American hegemon, I think the incredible historic summit last week in Moscow, when President Xi came to meet with President Putin for three days, if anything came out of that, in my view, it was this (the end of hegemony). The unipolar world of the United States is over. Both Хi and Putin have emphasized this. They emphasized it many times, even before the summit, and they said that the new multipolar world is already here, and nothing can stop it. That was a direct message to the United States and the rest of the collective West that the empire is almost over.
And I think it gives great hope to the rest of the world, Africa, Latin America, Asia, all the countries that have been colonized by the United States. And so it is very clear to me that the dominance of the United States in this unipolar world is coming to an end very quickly.
— The USA cannot accept as a lot the loss of influence in the Black Sea, so it sends it drones to the region to get the intelligence information. Now Vladimir Constantinov heads the Crimean parliament said this RIA Novosti reports March 27.
— Оf course, the United States lost a great deal of influence in the Black Sea. They're still there because the United States has bases in Romania and Turkey. They still have ships and they still have aircraft in the Black Sea and the aircraft constantly patrolling on a daily basis. Ultimate goal in the Black Sea is to control it absolutely. The control and as I mentioned to be able to take over the naval port. The naval base in Sevastopol would give him that complete control of the Black Sea.
That predator drone that I believe Russia shot it down, but whether that's another question. That drone was another provocation, in my opinion, of Russia and Russia's territorial. The territorial places and you know this drone is a very expensive and it is capable of different kinds of mission. One, it's capable of being heavily armed with missile and it's also capable of gathering information and these drones are used by the United States to give coordinates to Kiev on where Russian positions are and where to strike.
And so in Russia's eyes, this predator drone that was that crashed in the Black Sea, whether Russia shot it down or lost control, whatever it doesn't, this is another person of Russia. I think Russia was completely justified in taking that drone out.
Регионы России. Крым - РИА Новости, 1920, 29.03.2023
Регионы России. Крым
— Now in Ukraine is a fight against the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Сhurch. Why is Zelenskiy so active on the religious front? Why is Zelenskiy fights against the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church?
— Zelenskiy is a complete talk States, he does not do anything or say anything that is not scripted by the United States. So the intention of the United States in this attack on the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Сhurch, they've also attacked the Orthodox Church in Russia and the plan of the United States is to. Try to destroy Russian culture and Russian values. They are doing it in so many different ways. But they have tried to change family values. They have tried to introduce LGBT, import American and Western liberal values into Russia. Attacking the church is just one part of that.
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