Ариф Эсин: Турции выбирает стабильность и хорошие отношения с Россией, поэтому Эрдоган победил (англ.) - 29.05.2023 Украина.ру
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Ариф Эсин: Турции выбирает стабильность и хорошие отношения с Россией, поэтому Эрдоган победил (англ.)

Ариф Эсин интервью - РИА Новости, 1920, 29.05.2023
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This is dramatic when it comes to the destruction in Ukraine, and bad from a human point of view. But the majority of Turkish citizens take Russia's side and politically support it. Doctor of Economics, political scientist and lawyer Arif Esin told Ukraina.ru about what awaits Turkey and the world after the elections.
The head of the Turkish CEC announced Erdogan's victory in the second round of the presidential election. According to the Higher Election Commission, 52.14 percent of voters voted for Regep Erdogan and 47.86 percent for his rival Kemal Kılıсdaroglu. There was a gap of 2,153,473 votes between the two candidates. The turnout exceeded 85%, reports Al Jazeera.
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II тур президентских выборов в Турции - РИА Новости, 1920, 29.05.2023
II тур президентских выборов в Турции
— How was the second round of elections in Turkey?
— In the second round government of Erdogan received the same votes. If you compare it to the first round, it was enough to reelect Erdogan.
The economic situation in Turkey right now is deplorable. Erdogan's economic policies are benefiting public finances in this regard. We will see in the coming days whether it will change or continue.
— What is Erdogan's new policy?
— No one knows. We will see.
— Did you expect Erdogan to win?
— No, I didn't think he would. European and American sources did not expect Erdogan to win. Russia, on the other hand, expected the incumbent Turkish president to win and be re-elected. The Turks themselves had 50/50 expectations in this regard
— How did Erdogan manage to outplay the opposition? By promising to solve the Kurdish problem?
— No, I don't think so. Erdogan did not promise to solve the Kurdish problem, so they cast their votes for Kılıcdaroglu. The opposition opposes the whole Erdogan establishment. In any case, whoever comes to power today will have to work hard to solve the economic problems I mentioned above.
Erdogan promised Turks stability, while the opposition said the economy was on the verge of bankruptcy, reforms were needed, promised to raise wages, provide pensioners and so on. But the people chose stability.
Ариф Эсин интервью - РИА Новости, 1920, 17.05.2023
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— To what extent did Sinan Ohan's support in the second round play a role in Erdogan's victory?
— Erdogan had the same number of votes as Kılıcdaroglu in the first round. Despite the fact that Ogan supported the incumbent in the second round, voters of the former voted for the opposition leader. But that was not enough.
— The current president will rule the country for another five years. How will Erdogan's foreign policy change?
— I don't think anything will change. Turkey has very good relations with Russia, and we always have different relations with the European Union. The United States can change the position in which Biden supports the opposition.
At the same time, the Americans will continue to engage with other states, such as Arab countries, with which Ankara has never had good relations. It's a long history since the Ottoman Empire, you know.
I think foreign policy is important for Turkey, especially good relations with Russia.
— How will Erdogan build cooperation with Russia?
— We [Turkey] have good economic relations with Russia, and they will continue, I think. A lot of Russian people come here for holidays, we import gas and oil from Russia. Also, the Russians are building nuclear submarines right here.
— How will Erdogan solve the problem of Syrian refugees?
— He does not want to solve the problem of Syrian refugees, he gives them citizenship and allows them to assimilate in the country. All Syrians want to come to Turkey. And they will come. Maybe only a small number will return to Syria - I don't think Erdogan will throw them out the door. The refugees will end up staying here in Turkey, where they have been living for generations, speaking Turkish, raising children. It will be the same as in the United States and France.
— Will Ankara increase its influence over Ukraine after Erdogan's victory?
— No.
— Why?
— Because we have a balance in our position on Ukraine, the operation of the grain deal on imports from Ukraine of grain, liquefied gas, and so on. Vladimir Putin supports this position. In addition, there is a Turkish factory in Ukraine that produces small airplanes, engines, motors.
— What do the people of Turkey think today about the situation in Ukraine and Turkish-Ukrainian relations?
— I think most Turkish citizens take Russia's side. It's dramatic when it comes to the destruction in Ukraine. It's bad, from a universal point of view. But politically, most Turks support Russia.
Ариф Эсин интервью - РИА Новости, 1920, 21.04.2023
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