Джон Дуган: Зеленский продал украинский народ — его нужно поймать и судить как предателя (англ. версия) - 09.06.2023 Украина.ру
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Джон Дуган: Зеленский продал украинский народ — его нужно поймать и судить как предателя (англ. версия)

© commons.wikimedia.org / Marshala2036Джон Марк Дуган интервью
Джон Марк Дуган интервью - РИА Новости, 1920, 09.06.2023
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If Donald Trump gets into government, he will put an end to funding Ukraine. This was said in an exclusive interview with Ukraine.ru by former U.S. policeman John Dugan.
John Mark Dugan is a former U.S. Marine and former deputy sheriff who sought political asylum in Russia in 2016. In Russia, Dugan is engaged in various activities, participates in charitable organizations, helps people with disabilities
— John, you served in the U.S. police force in the past, fighting corruption and other crimes. What can you say about Russia and its law enforcement system?
— In America right now, there's a lot of corruption, which can affect the U.S. presidential election. As for Russia, its law enforcement system works very well.
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— You said that the U.S. has bio-laboratories in Ukrainian territories and is developing weapons against the Russians there. What is the status of these laboratories now?
— Well, I think some of them still exist, sure. But I know a lot of them have been destroyed. So, But I haven't traveled to all of them. I can't tell you.
— Former Vice President Mike Pence has registered to run for president of the United States. What can you say about him as a politician and a person?
— He has no chance at all. People don't like. He has no personality. He was not a very good vice president. Pence was a typical "deep state" proponent. He had no backbone. He has no chance to win any election in America.
— Also running for election is Republican Governor Ron Desantis of Florida. What are his chances of becoming president of America?
— I like Ron Desantis, but I don't know enough about him. You know, there's a lot of policies that he did not address because he's only a governor, and we need to see what his policies would be as a presidential candidate to see whether or not he would be good. But I think he's оk. I mean, I think he's better than every other candidate except for Trump.
— Pence and Desantis are both Republicans. They will be competing with former President Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination. Are these serious competitors for Trump?
— They're not serious competitors for Trumр. They have absolutely no chance against him. Because Trump is very powerful politician. People love him. His voting base loves him and a lot of people are starting to see that he was correct on everything that he was telling about, about the media, about the governments, about this deep state as they call it in America or like basically the deep state is a rogue government in America.
People understand that he's correct and people understand that the people in the government do not like him and since they don't like him, they're trying their everything they can to get rid of him.
— What chance do you think Biden has of winning and becoming president of the United States in 2024?
— That's a very difficult question. And it's difficult because, I mean, look, they cheated the last time. That's the only way that you get by and elected the guy he's a moron, he's an idiot, he's got dementia, he can't remember what he did for breakfast. He's a tool. Part tool to be a president. So, if it was a legitimate vote, it would not be winning. But as we saw in the last election, it was not legitimate. It was a complete Banana Republic. And so we'll see. Again, I don't know, maybe it depends. It depends on the level of corruption in the next election.
— Could the U. S. election decide the fate of Ukraine? How might the Ukrainian conflict affect the U.S. election?
— Yeah, it will 100% affect Ukraine. Because if Trump gets in, he's going to put an end to the funding in Ukraine, and it will stop before.
— Could repeat the Cuban Missile Crisis happen?
— I mean the whole reason for the Cuban Missile Crisis was because America put missiles in Turkey and then Russia responded by putting missiles in Cuba. And the Americans didn't like missiles so close on their border. I mean we're kind of at the Cuban missile crisis point right now. I mean in fact I think we're, we might even be past that the threat nuclear war has been the highest it's ever been in history.
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— What might Russia's victory over the West look like?
— It's going to be an economic victory. Look, the entire West is failing. Russia and China are making huge strides in getting other countries to get rid of their alliance with the United States and getting rid of their alliance, their dependence on the U.S dollar. Now The United States dollar is used everywhere in the world. Well, at least it was. And because of this it had incredible power for I guess, weathering financial storms. So it was always very stable. Now there's no stability. The stability is being drastically reduced.
Because all companies are getting rid of their dollars. Because they see how the United States has weaponized these dollars against other nations, and they don't want that to happen to them.
So even now, Mexico just joined The BRICS. Mexico, America's neighbor, join The BRICS. That is a slap in the face to the Americans. It's humiliation for Americans. And it's very detrimental to the U.S dollar.
— What do you think of Zelensky as a politician and a person?
— He's an actor and that's all he is. He's a puppet for the United States government.
He's corrupt. He's doing the dirty work for the United States government. He and his countrymen have sold out the Ukrainian people for money. I think Zеlensky should be caught and tried as a traitor to his people and had.
— How can you comment on the reaction of Western leaders to the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP (hydroelectric power plant)? Why do they blame Russia, although it is clear that Ukraine is responsible for the tragedy?
— I mean, look, he's been blaming Russia all along for everything. So they can't blame themselves. They can't blame Ukraine, their partner, for committing such a horrendous terrorist act. So they have to blame Russia. And their puppets in the Western media report that it's Russia.
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