Скотт Риттер: Украину приносят в жертву на алтарь американской гегемонии (англ. версия) - 27.11.2023 Украина.ру
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Скотт Риттер: Украину приносят в жертву на алтарь американской гегемонии (англ. версия)

(english version — английская версия интервью)

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Скотт Риттер интервью - РИА Новости, 1920, 11.04.2023
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The media continues to discuss the US intelligence data that hit the Internet. Who organized this leak and how the USA influences the Ukrainian events and Vladimir Zelensky told Ukraina.ru the American columnist, former Marine reconnaissance officer and UNО weapons inspector William Scott Ritter, Jr.
— Scott, the United States media continues to discuss United States intelligence data that has hit the web. Is this really a leak of material about Ukraine?
— It appears to be an actual leak of sensitive, and indeed in some cases classified, information that was assembled about Ukraine for the purpose of briefing the chairman of the joint chief of staff, Mark Мilly.
— Сan you explain to us how this leaks happened? Is it possible to identify who is going it in that organization?
— The fact of the matter is, information of this nature is very closely held and only a limited number of people would have access to it, and the number of copies of the documents would be also minimized and so anybody investigating this will have a very short list of people who could have been the leak. And unfortunately for people who leak information like this, they aren't as smart as they think they are or else they would never have leaked the information to begin with. And there will be forensic clues that will eventually, I believe, allow the appropriate law enforcement authorities to identify the person or people responsible.
— Our addition put forward the version that is this operation was organized by CIA to divert the attention of the Russian Federation Armed Forces leadership from the real plans of Ukraine and the USA. What do you think about it?
— There are two aspects to it. First the notion that the Russian military and Russian intelligence services are so incompetent and unsophisticated as to not have their own appreciation of the situation is absurd. The Russians are very good, their intelligence services are very good, and I believe the Russian leadership is very well briefed on the reality of the situation on the ground in Ukraine. So the idea that they would be susceptible to being manipulated by the release of these documents on the Internet is very unlikely. It doesn't make that much sense and plus this isn't that good of a leak, meaning that it's not earth-shaking material, it's not, you know, a bold new data. This is information that any analyst who's been following this situation would have been able to assemble something very similar to what existed in these documents.
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— In the leaked material, the U.S. allegedly did not give long-range missiles. Because the Ukraine wanted to hit the rest of region in the Russian Federation. Does the United States really forbid Ukrainian Ukraine hitting Russia? What do you think?
— My understanding, based upon the statements made by official U.S. government representatives, is that the United States provides weapons to Ukraine and it's up to the Ukrainians to determine how they want to use those weapons. But we do have information from news reports that the United States provides intelligence information about Russian military activities inside Russia that the Ukrainian Government can use to target with the weapons provided by the United States. So even if the United States is not giving permission for Ukraine to do something like this, we're making it possible for Ukraine to strike targets inside Russia.
— How do you think the United States is influencing events in Ukraine on the leadership, the leaders of Ukraine?
— I think from the very beginning of this conflict, the United States has had a very strong, influential role over the Zelensky government's policies, and indeed Zelensky himself. From the very beginning, it was clear that the public pronouncements of Zelensky were being scripted by U.S. intelligence officials and British intelligence officials behind the scenes. So Zelensky in many ways has continued his acting career.
But this time he's playing a real-life president in a real war. And I think that sometime into this conflict, Zelensky began to feel that he was a real president, and he would try to deviate from the script. We saw this last fall where he was supposed to come to the United States. He was supposed to play a role.
And instead, he started making pronouncements and requests that that were beyond that which was scripted by Washington, DC and so this means that his American handlers view him as problematic now that he's no longer playing the role that we want him to play. He's playing a role that he wants to play. And this complicates the relationship.
The sad fact of the matter is the United States does not care about Ukraine The United States does not care about Zelensky. The United States is using Ukraine and using Zelensky to achieve its own policy objectives. And when I say using, I mean sacrifice. And I think even Zelensky is waking up to the reality that he and Ukraine as a whole are being sacrificed on the altar оf American hegemony, and I think he started to regret his role in facilitating this.
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